The Oldest Sins



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The Oldest Sins

Born in 1899, Billy “Bilby” McMillan decides to write a memoir of his last twenty years. The youngest and the only gifted scion of a penniless family, he acquires a fortune and accumulates a coterie of ungrateful, greedy children and associates who attempt to bilk him of his fortune and his life.

In his autobiography to be published posthumously, he details how he deals with the wretches—often letting them be the cause of their own undoing, hoisted as it were, on their own petards.

This humorous and clever dark comedy depicts a man who finds solace in uncovering and eliminating individuals who renounce family, friendship, and love for that most evil of temptations…MONEY.

Dark Comedy Novel – Humorous Dark Comedy Novel- Dark Comedy Novel Fiction – Epic Noir Comedy Fiction – Dark Humorous Comedy Novel by Author Joel Berman

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  1. sandra July 27, 2011 at 2:44 p07 #

    Loved this book !

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