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Surgery Book – SURGICAL BOOK – Comprehensive book to understand general surgery.

Understanding Surgery is a book originally written for my patients. It encompasses most areas of surgical medicine and explains many aspects of operative surgery. I have always felt that there was no adequate source reference for non-medical individuals and wrote this book to give my patients an insight into all aspects of my specialty, from the history of surgery, training of physicians, wound healing, anesthesia, as well as details about the operating room and what to expect before, during and after a surgical procedure.

I have explained in the text what I have said hundreds of times to my own patients in an attempt to make them feel more comfortable going through an often scary experience. As an example, patients undergoing gall bladder surgery can read about the anatomy, the procedure and the risks and potential complications.

There are several chapters discussing different kinds of cancer and its treatment, and I try to take the mystery and fear out of the surgeries done to treat diverse diseases, among them those involving the breast, colon and pancreas. There are explanations about hernias, infections, complications and answers to a host of other surgical questions which my patients have asked over the past years.

Understanding Surgery is interspersed with humor as well as some complex data, but in the end intends to be a book for everyman and his/her family undergoing surgery.

Surgery Book includes the following surgery procedures and  surgery topics:
Cancer Surgery – Colon Surgery – Breast Surgery – Thyroid Surgery – Appendectomy – Weight Loss Surgery – Hemorrhoid Surgery – Spleen – lymphoma – Operating Room – Anesthesia – Complications – Medical School – Nursing – Skin Cancer – Parathyroid Surgery – Orthopedics – Brain Surgery – Neurosurgery – Varocose Veins – Vascular Surgery – Pilonidal Disease – Fistula in ano – AV fistula – Kidney Failure – Cancer Staging – Amputations – Unnecessary Surgery – portacath, stomach surgery, Intestine surgery, esophagus surgery, lung surgery, heart surgery, liver surgery, bile Duct Surgery – Whipple Procedure – Biopsies – Lymphoma – Lymph Node Surgery – Oncology and Surgery – Adrenal Gland – Kidney – Eye Surgery – Laparoscopy – Aortic Aneurysm – Surgery For Nursing – Ganglions – Artery Surgery – Endovascular Surgery – Gynecology – Ovarian Cancer – Hysterectomy – Oophorectomy – Hernia – Umbilical Hernia – Inguinal Hernia – Hiatus Hernia – Anatomy – Physiology – Metastasis – CT scan – CAT scan – MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Ultrasound – Xrays – Radiation Therapy – Chemotherapy – Cancer Committees – Second Opinions – Alternative Medicine – Complementary Medicine – History of Medicine – Poems About Surgery – Operation – Sutures and Healing.