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Destiny Obscure

Mid-19th century: The Civil War is raging, as is racial tension. Abby is the young, recently widowed wife of a Northern Civil War surgeon, who encounters many wealthy and unscrupulous men as she mourns the death of her husband.

A Greek Tragedy

Jocelyn Forrester was an attractive child. Her mother was the only daughter of a Greek shipping magnate, and her father was the president and founder of Forrester Industries, which is a multinational corporation that had expanded into one of the nation’s largest import and export firms.

Slave Labor

And we are jarred, unnerved by his recollections: an hour-by-hour history of one day among many in the experiences of a slave laborer, bringing clearly into focus a vivid picture of the horrors to which the young man and his fellow prisoners were subjected.

A Few Loose Screws

Few Loose Screws follows the farcical adventures of a toilet company heir, Ogden Wellborn IV, whose birthright is one of great wealth and position, though his capacities for taking advantage of that good fortune don’t happen to include intellectual prowess or good sense.