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Fifty Two Pieces

In Fifty-two Pieces, Dr. Joel Berman runs the gamut from heart-rending, nerve-racking tales of medical emergencies to cleverly humorous short stories involving minor thugs, gorgeous women, and sometimes clueless protagonists whose lives endure the most outrageous complications.

The Death Of America

Author Joel Berman presents his insight which attempts to outline and discuss the principles that seem to be disappearing from public life under the aura of intellectual apathy, misplaced directions, and the deterioration of national pride, family, business, and scholarly values.

The Oldest Sins

Born in 1899, Billy “Bilby” McMillan decides to write a memoir of his last twenty years. The youngest and the only gifted scion of a penniless family, he acquires a fortune and accumulates a coterie of ungrateful, greedy children and associates who attempt to bilk him of his fortune and his life.

Murder By Design

An evil James Bondian assassin Ivan Glebnov, a stash of Peruvian emeralds, a Milquetoast private eye “Mossy” Silverstein, his intellectually challenged sister Schlunka, and a savvy police detective Michael “Mickey” Markowitz are embroiled in a complex murder story in another of Joel Berman’s gripping novel, Murder By Design.