The Girl With The Emerald Eyes

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The Girl with Emerald Eyes

This exciting story opens with military turmoil and murder a thousand years ago in England. Then it moves swiftly to contemporary America, where Molly Parsons, a beautiful and spirited young graduate student, is drawn into a mystery from that medieval time and place.

Moving to England to study, she learns that during the Norman conquest of 1066, a manuscript was hidden then lost in an obscure monastery, where it lay buried for a millennium. When it is finally uncovered, its enormous historical value comes to the attention of various individuals, including Molly, who recognizes it as a priceless archaeological treasure. Others, with a similar recognition, are ready to steal it, sell it, and—as necessary—kill for it.

In the adventure that follows, Molly adds her assertive personality and intellectual strength to the police investigation of theft and murder. She tangles with many people, including dedicated monks, a charming fellow scholar, a ruthless and embittered individual who kills people without remorse, and—Ogana Leeds, a black African intellectual who suffers cruelly from birth defects. Molly, initially repulsed by Ogana, is finally moved by him to reexamine her deepest feelings about life, emotion, and her responsibilities to others.

The Girl With Emerald Eyes: Battle of Hastings, rare manuscripts, manuscripts, 1066,
library science, librarian, murder mystery, Monastery mystery, theft of manuscripts, murder in monastery, old books, manuscripts in Library, detective story
Murder Mystery – Murder Mystery Fiction Novel Historical – Murder Mystery Novel
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