The Death Of America

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The Death of America ?

Author Joel Berman presents his insight which attempts to outline and discuss the principles that seem to be disappearing from public life under the aura of intellectual apathy, misplaced directions, and the deterioration of national pride, family, business, and scholarly values.

The Death of America? is a study of the deterioration of ethics, character and education in the United States. It covers a wide range of subjects including character, work ethic, classical and modern education, addiction to computer games, chapters on information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, as well as the responsibility of the nation, the community and the family in changing the quality of education in America.

Much of the information in the book is well documented with a bibliography of 332 references in conjunction with the author’s views and recommendations for the future. It is a timely and eye-opening book, which will be of value to parents, teachers, and students alike, and could become a standard reference book for every grade school, high school, and university in America.

The Failure of Education in America – American Education System

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