Something Of The Old

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Something of the Old

An attractive young woman was found dead—with multiple stab wounds into her chest, plunging directly into her heart. Who is she? Why was she killed?

Ned is a freshman who greatly enjoyed literature. But there’s something wrong in his brain—seizures, blank episodes, no memory of recent things or events—that he needs to undergo surgery to set his brain nerves right. This part of the brain is very sensitive, because the neurosurgeons are working fairly close to the intellectual lobe of Glamus and the inhibition control center of Borzoi. What makes this brain area more interesting is that through a retrospective study comparing brains of criminal and normal individuals, many find out and believe that individuals who have a propensity for criminality have an increased probability for acting out if the inhibition center is abnormal.

As the police investigate the murder, they discover that the victim had a close and intimate relationship with Ned. When they ask Ned of his whereabouts during the night of the murder, he can’t remember anything.

As the police continue to probe, another young woman is murdered on campus. Ned was seen jumping out of his window minutes before the murder. When he was asked the following day about what happened, he didn’t know where he went and why he went out.

Could he be the real murderer?

Murder Mystery Fiction – Detective Murder Mystery – Murder Book

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