Murder By Design

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Murder By Design:

An evil James Bondian assassin Ivan Glebnov, a stash of Peruvian emeralds, a Milquetoast private eye “Mossy” Silverstein, his intellectually challenged sister Schlunka, and a savvy police detective Michael “Mickey” Markowitz are embroiled in a complex murder story in another of Joel Berman’s gripping novel, Murder By Design.

Important wealthy men are being assassinated with no apparent connection to one another. “Mossy” Silverstein inherits the case. Using his peculiar clairvoyant sister, he appears to uncover the assassin and his motives.

Humorous, absurd, even ridiculous at times, the action continues until several men are eliminated in “artful” ways before the totally unexpected conclusion to this exciting mystery happens.

Murder Mystery – Murder Mystery Book – Murder Mystery Humerous Books by Author Joel Berman

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