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WWII (WW2) Historical Novel –  WW2 White House instigates attack on Pearl Harbor.

A historical approach to Pearl Harbor and an inside view of the Roosevelt White House set the stage for a series of events in this gripping novel, Floating World.

Maurice Volst is the son of a German-Japanese woman and a German industrialist. Because of his slight Japanese appearance, he is shunned by his peers in Nazi youth. Enamored of his Japanese heritage, more than that of his Nazi father, he escapes to Switzerland in the outbreak of World War II and ends up in the United States as a translator and code breaker.

A second theme involves Maurice’s great-grandfather, Mikio Hamanaka, who immigrates to America in the late eighteen hundreds and starts a vineyard in California.

The horrors of war, the internment of these Nisei at Manzanar, deceit, and treachery lead to an explosive conclusion involving these two related families.






Floating World:

World War II, Roosevelt and Churchill – Manzanar – Japanese Internment – Japanese naval code – Pearl Harbor Attack – Floating world – Ukiyo-e – Nisei – Prejudice – Nazi Germany – Aryan race – Hitler Youth – Knox – Frank – Danzig – Berlin – Washington – Hitler – Code-breaking – WW2 History Novel – Best WWII (WW2) Book Historically-based.

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