Breast Cancer

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Comprehensive Breast Care and Surviving Breast Cancer

We are no longer in the age of the M. Deity, when a physician never explained much to the patient and the obedient patient never asked the questions or received explanations about their disease. The physician of today has a responsibility not only to work “on” the patient but to work with the patient and her family, taking the mystique and fear out of the surgical experience. This text, along with Understanding Surgery, has brought me into a closer relationship with my patients and their families.

Surving Breast Cancer Book includes the following topics:

Breast Cancer – Breast Lumps – Staging Breast Cancer – Lymph Nodes – Sentinel Node – Breast Biopsy – Breast Reconstruction – Mastectomy – Lumpectomy – Partial Mastectomy – Radical Mastectomy – Breast Support Groups – Breast Pathology – Oncoplastic Breast Surgery – Mammogram – MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Breast cysts – Benign Breast Disease – Metastasis – Chemotherapy – Radiation Therapy – Second Opinion – Normal Breast – Breast Implants – Breast Centers – Breast Surgeons – Nipple – Lumps in the Breast – Nipple Discharge – Bleeding Breasts – Breast in Pregnancy – Alternative Medicine – Complementary Medicine – History of Breast Cancer – Poems about Breast Disease.

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