A Greek Tragedy








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A Greek Tragedy

Jocelyn Forrester was an attractive child. Her mother was the only daughter of a Greek shipping magnate, and her father was the president and founder of Forrester Industries, which is a multinational corporation that had expanded into one of the nation’s largest import and export firms.

Young as fifteen, she attended Columbia University for her advanced studies and took up art history. There, she met Lawrence Konigsberg, an assistant professor in the University. He had been eyeing her with impure thoughts and desires ever since he saw her. One night, during a party, he got his way; he took advantage of the drunken Jocelyn and impregnated her with a son.

Not wanting to destroy her family’s reputation, she sent her child to an adopting agency right after birth and never heard of him again…or so she thought.

A little after fifteen years, in one of her father’s charity gatherings, she met Edward Morrow, a charming man who became very attracted to her although he was years younger than her. Soon enough, they married and conceived a child.

As the years passed, Edward became curious of his family roots and found out that he was merely adopted; and his real mother was a young Grecian lady.

Could Edward possibly be Jocelyn’s son?

If so, will they be able to go on with their lives with this unthinkable truth?

Murder Psychological Drama Novel – Psychological Drama – Murder Novel – Psychological Drama Novel – Murder Novel by Author Joel Berman

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