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His more than twenty manuscripts include two published nonfiction works, Comprehensive Breast Care and Surviving Breast Cancer and Understanding Surgery, both texts written for the layman. These are easy reading with Dr. Berman’s own humorous poetical touches. His fictional works vary from the most recent novel, Scalpel, about a surgeon killing malpractice attorneys, Circle in the Water, about the tragedy of those involved when a woman is terribly disfigured by a terrorist’s bombs, to The Girl With Emerald Eyes, a murder mystery involving stolen manuscripts, spanning a thousand years, taking place in Hastings, England from the time of William the Conqueror to the present day. His 900 page mystery saga, The Cloak of Hippocrates, to be published in early 2007, traces the growth of a young doctor in the nineteenth century, weaving a picture

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  1. Henry
    Henry says:

    One of my friends gave me a copy of your Understanding Surgery book.
    I had to go in for hemorrhoid surgery. I was a bit nervous, but after
    reading your book and doing some homework I felt more at ease.
    The surgery was a success so I thank you.

    Best Regards,


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